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Let's discuss ways to put more
money back into your district

K-12 School District Services:

  • Pre-negotiated, consortium contract pricing

  • Comprehensive energy audits

  • Energy conservation solutions

  • Re-commissioning & tuning of existing systems

  • Energy management controls

  • Performance contracting solutions

  • Utility rate optimization strategies


"With the energy retrofit we are implementing through this project, our district will net more than $700,000 in savings over the next 5 years. Plug Smart has demonstrated outstanding results through their performance and had gone above our expectations in completing the project and monitoring the energy output of out school district."

- Kristine Blind Treasurer,

  London City Schools

Plug Smart’s team of experts is experienced at navigating and optimizing ORC153 facility projects and HB264 energy projects that benefit school districts with aging building systems and tight budget challenges:

  • Our financial team is very adept at finding solutions from utility rate programs, state programs, and other sources for helping you accomplish your goals within budget constraints.

  • Our audit teams have a well-earned reputation for being the most thorough in the industry, meaning if there are savings or cost reductions, we will find them and be transparent about how they can be best applied to your facilities.

Most of our school projects begin with a simple discussion to identify your goals and understand existing challenges. Then our engineers are in the best position to assess the aspects of your building systems and energy consumption and spending data. Before we start a project, we will provide you with an unparalleled view into your facility’s energy and operation costs, showing you opportunities for cost reduction and paybacks for each solution.


Unlike many other energy service companies, we encourage our clients to recommend their preferred contractors. Working with contractors that our clients prefer alongside our trusted partners has resulted in an impressive track record of satisfied clients as well as on-time and on-budget delivery.


All pricing is transparent and open-book, and every energy project we develop is self-funded with guaranteed savings.

Some of Our School Projects

Emmanuel Christian Academy 

Springfield, Ohio

New Albany-Plain Local Schools

Dayton, Ohio

Findlay City Schools

Findlay, Ohio

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