Matt Mahoney Joins Plug Smart

MAY 18, 2020Plug Smart, an energy services design-build firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, welcomes Matt Mahoney as its Western Pennsylvania-based Senior Project Developer.

A native Pittsburgher and graduate of Penn State’s Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems Master’s program, Mahoney brings a passion for advanced energy solutions and knowledge of Pennsylvania’s energy savings programs, particularly Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE...

Most Energy Savings Achieved 

MARCH 11, 2020Plug Smart has been designated by AEP-Ohio as a top solutions provider for the third year in a row, by earning Most Energy Savings Achieved in 2019. The recognition comes as a result of an extended partnership between Plug Smart and the state’s largest electricity utility provider, even as state requirements surrounding rebate programs are removed.


The 2019 energy savings award was partially based on the volume of kilowatt-hours clients saved as a result of Plug Smart’s efforts. Consistently delivering energy savings, the company's solutions...


FEBRUARY 27, 2020Ohio-based energy service provider, Plug Smart has partnered with East Knox Local School District to improve existing facilities at the elementary school so when the new high school opens, all students in the district will have an improved learning environment.


The partnership between East Knox Local School District and the energy-solutions company started in 2016 with a project to upgrade lighting in a handful of classrooms to LED. In 2018, it grew when...


JANUARY 9, 2020- Entriq Solutions, LLC, located in Miamisburg, OH, is pleased to announce their merger with Plug Smart, an energy services design-build firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Both firms have experienced significant growth the past several years, and this merger allows the companies to unite their talent and experience needed to continue to bring creative energy solutions that their customers have come to expect.

“We’ve crossed paths with Plug Smart several times over the years in partnership....


AUGUST 4, 2019- Dayton’s tallest building, Kettering Tower, is the home of Dayton’s first PACE project. The high-rise office building was built in 1970, stands 30 floors tall, and has over 500,000 square feet. 

Since a PACE project had never been done in Dayton, a lot of program development was required to facilitate the project’s financing. Kettering Tower was a great fit to be the program’s pioneer since the building needed infrastructure improvements as well as improvements in its ability to manage energy on its major systems...


JULY 3, 2019- Plug Smart collaborated with Howland Local School District to implement energy solutions, including a new atomic clock, energy efficient air conditioning and LED lighting.

As improvements were implemented earlier this year, including the repair of a decades-stopped clock in the tower of Howland's high school, a class-wide contest was held where students proposed answers to the question, "What made the clock stop?" Topics varied from lightning strikes to aliens, global warming and a solar eclipse, just to name a few...


MAY 14, 2019- Plug Smart Works With Lordstown Schools to Replace Major Building Systems Without Tapping Into Taxpayer Funds

At the April 24 board meeting, the Lordstown Local School District Board approved a proposal to implement required improvements to major building systems at their schools with Ohio-based energy services company Plug Smart.

The improvement package will address several long-term needs...


APRIL 19, 2019- During the summer and fall of 2018, Northeast Ohio experienced some of the hottest temperatures on record. Several local school districts struggled to keep schools properly cooled and were forced to shut their doors, due to antiquated buildings in need of HVAC systems repair or replacement.

The shutdowns were costly – both in terms of unforeseen expenses and students’ time away from the classroom...


DECEMBER 28, 2018- Ohio-based Plug Smart, one of the state’s leading energy services firms, worked closely with Ohio school districts in 2018 to offer unique solutions to the most pressing needs related to challenges with air conditioning, safety and security and operational expenses.

Plug Smart partners with Ohio school districts to provide innovative solutions to biggest issues in AC, Security, and Operational Expenses.


AUGUST 2, 2018- The City of Worthington, Ohio is joining with Plug Smart, an Ohio-based energy services company, to activate a local commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing program that will enable the city’s commercial building owners to maximize improvements and modernize local buildings. PACE is a flexible financing mechanism for implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with no capital outlay..


JANUARY 13, 2018- Sometime this spring, a gaping hole will appear in the top floor of the PNC Building where a row of windows now looks 300 feet down on Cascade Plaza. From the corner of Main and Bowery streets, a crane 10 feet taller than the building — the second tallest in Akron — will swing over and grab a 25,000-pound hunk of machinery. It hasn’t moved since the skyscraper went up in 1968. But it’ll go all the way down to the ground...

pnc plaza

JUNE 1, 2016- The 23-story PNC Bank Building is a 388,000 square foot high rise located in downtown Columbus, Ohio, and is beginning an extensive $2.8 million renovation project. One of the big factors in making the project possible is an innovative financing solution called the PACE Program that uses energy conservation savings to help fund facility improvements. The PACE Program was introduced to building managers by one of Ohio's leading energy services firms, Plug Smart...



The Blue Water YMCA in Port Huron, MI is dedicated to ensuring every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow, and thrive. The 62,000 square-foot facility houses an oversized gym, several pools and fitness studios, and other recreational spaces.

Blue Water YMCA’s Energy Utilization Index (EUI) was approximately 55% higher than its peer group, costing them an estimated $1.3 million in additional utility bills over the next 20 years. Blue Water YMCA did not...


The historic downtown building The Hayden is the oldest building in Capitol Square. The two-building complex houses over 100,000 square feet and features unique architectural features. Michael Tomko, President of The Tomko Company, bought the building to preserve and revitalize a piece of Columbus history. 

The building was completed in 1869 and had been vacant for ten years before being purchased by Tomko. Tomko wanted to remove build-outs...

findlay city schools

Findlay City Schools has five elementary schools, three intermediate schools, two middle schools, one high school and one career center and recently completed a successful HB264 and HB153 energy project with Plug Smart. 

The district had significant needs to replace many aspects of their facilities including roofs, asphalt work, HVAC, venting and control upgrades, repairs to a loading dock, new gymnasium flooring, bleachers, lockers, security cameras, door access protection, and windows and air conditioning for...


Heidelberg University is a private, non-profit institution established in Tiffin, Ohio in 1850. Heidelberg enrolls over 1,300 students annually. The 110-acre campus houses 1,110 students in seven residence halls.

Miller Hall Dormitory and the attached Hoernemann Refectory had a much higher Energy Utilization Index (EUI) rating then other buildings on campus. The buildings, which encompass 66,460 sq. ft., were both served by an end-of-life non-condensing hot water boiler. To keep the building fully operational, equipment replacements needed to be addressed...

london city schools

Located in central Ohio, the London City School District includes the City of London and the Townships of Deer Creek, Somerford, and portions of Union Township. All buildings for the London City School District are housed on one campus, serving a student population of over 2100 students within three schools.

LCS was severely under-performing comparable school districts in its energy consumption (bottom 10%). The high school and elementary buildings are connected buildings and therefore are not metered...


The district had several boiler plants that were coming to the end of their useful lives. All of the schools were built at the same time, so the boilers were going to wear out at the same time. They did not have the maintenance capital budget to replace them all at once, and were going to implement a planned obsolescence program to spread out the cost and replace the boiler plants at different times.

Plug Smart showed New Albany-Plain Local Schools that they could replace two of their boiler plants at the same time with the energy savings..