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Location: Springfield, Ohio

The Client

Emmanuel Christian Academy (ECA) is a private K-12 school in Springfield, Ohio that emphasizes a Biblical worldview. Their 75,000+ sq ft school, built in 2001, serves roughly 300 students each year. 

The Solution

In order to help ECA modernize their facilities while also reducing ongoing utility and operations expenses, Plug Smart implemented numerous upgrades to the facility’s aging systems including exterior/interior LED lighting boiler and chiller upgrades, building automation controls, roof, and kitchen upgrades.


By upgrading the facilities, the annual O&M and utility costs will be reduced and pay off the loan for the procurement and installation of the new equipment. 

The Challenge

ECA’s annual utility and operations expenses had been slowly increasing over time due to the age of some of their legacy facility systems requiring more energy to operate and personnel to maintain. The school had also planned to upgrade and modernize their building to attract additional students but wanted to ensure predictability in the long-term operational costs before making additional investments. 




Total Annual Savings


Total Utility Savings


Effective Useful Life

"Working with Plug Smart made it so that we could implement all of the facility upgrades we desperately needed while creating a more modern environment for our faculty and students.”

—Pastor John Essig,

Emmanuel Christian

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