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Location: Findlay, Ohio

The Client

Findlay City Schools has five elementary schools, three intermediate schools, two middle schools, one high school and one career center and recently completed a successful HB264 and HB153 energy project with Plug Smart.

The Challenge

The district had significant needs to replace many aspects of their facilities including roofs, asphalt work, HVAC, venting and control upgrades, repairs to a loading dock, new gymnasium flooring, bleachers, lockers, security cameras, door access protection, and windows and air conditioning for all the schools. This posed a complex process for maintaining cost control and managing various projects withmultiple vendors.

The Solution

Using both HB264 and HB153 that allows for a design-build contractor to manage multiple aspects of a project, Plug Smart created a program that offered economies of scale, guaranteed pricing, central management, and cost control that enabled the district to meet all of its facility improvements under one single-financed project. Plug Smart accessed over
$370,000 in grants and rebates, and the entire project will show a net positive of over $2 million dollars over 25 years.





Net Positive Over 25 Years


Total Annual Savings

"Plug Smart demonstrated a deep understanding of what we wanted to accomplish and how we wanted to do it... They have open-book pricing transparency with vendors and procurements, and have guaranteed their pricing over the course of the project – all of this promotes trust in working together over the next five years,”

—Dennis Doolittle,

Findlay City Schools

Maintenance Supervisor

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