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Location: New Albany, Ohio

The Client

New Albany-Plain Local School District is composed of an early learning center, one primary school, one intermediate school, one middle school and one high school. All of the schools are located on a central Learning Campus in New Albany, OH. The district’s enrollment total is 5,034 students. 

The Solution

Plug Smart showed New Albany-Plain Local Schools that they could replace two of their boiler plants at the same time with the energy savings that would be created by
replacing all of their fluorescent lighting with LED. The district was also able to benefit from state grants that helped pay for the project. Project scope included:

  • Inventory & prioritize all of the district’s boiler plants based on age, efficiency, access, area served, etc.


  • Audit lighting district-wide & standardize on lighting product & boiler manufacturers for ease of maintenance.

The Challenge

The district had several boiler plants that were coming to the end of their useful lives. All of the schools were built at the same time, so the boilers were going to wear out at the same time. They did not have the maintenance capital budget to replace them all at once, and were going to implement a planned obsolescence program to spread out the cost and replace the boiler plants at different times.




Total Annual Savings


Simple Payback

"Plug Smart and their team showed us how we could replace important boilers by using the savings created by upgrading to LED lights. They worked collaboratively with the district, and made sure the boilers were installed and ready for heating season.”

—Michael Sawyers,

New Albany-Plain Local Schools


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