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March 11, 2020

Columbus, Ohio

Plug Smart Awarded by AEP-Ohio: 2019 Most Energy Savings Achieved, Even as Rebate Programs Wind Down

Plug Smart has been designated by AEP-Ohio as a top solutions provider for the third year in a row, by earning Most Energy Savings Achieved in 2019. The recognition comes as a result of an extended partnership between Plug Smart and the state’s largest electricity utility provider, even as state requirements surrounding rebate programs are removed.

The 2019 energy savings award was partially based on the volume of kilowatt-hours clients saved as a result of Plug Smart’s efforts. Consistently delivering energy savings, the company’s solutions reduced energy consumption by more than 2.5 million kWhs in 2019. “As solutions providers, we are well-positioned to bridge the gap between utilities and end-users to maximize the utilization of these incentives. This creates a win-win for our clients and AEP-Ohio while incentivizing the most efficient solutions,” says Dan Dumond, an energy engineer for Plug Smart.

Delivering such services since 2010, Plug Smart has proven itself to be a go-to solutions provider. In 2017, AEP-Ohio acknowledged the energy services company with Most Projects Completed and the Regional Excellence Award, while in 2018, achieving its first award for Most Energy Savings Achieved.

“Over the last three years,” Dumond continued, “we’ve partnered with a variety of clients from large industrials and commercial office buildings to K-12 schools and county governments to help them navigate their respective rebate program. We have seen the market acknowledge the urgency surrounding these programs and pursue more aggressive efficiency solutions to secure the most of these incentives while they’re around. This attitude has resulted in significant kWhs saved, and our 2019 award stemmed from those savings on top of all of our other work.”

However, the future of energy efficiency incentives from utility providers like AEP Ohio is not a sure thing. Last year, Ohio House passed House Bill 6, creating the Ohio Clean Air Program and dismantling the current energy efficiency rebate programs offered by utilities including AEP, Duke, DP&L, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison. HB 6 originally specified that the programs will end on December 31, 2020, but the wording suggested the utilities may stop them sooner if they reach a new reduced mandate of 17.5 percent energy reduction before the end of the year. The uncertainty led the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to rule at their February 26, 2020 meeting that “a wind-down of the statutorily required energy efficiency programs shall commence on September 30, 2020, and those programs shall terminate on December 31, 2020,” meaning time is of the essence for program participants to take advantage of these incentive programs.

With current regulations in place and the end of Ohio’s rebate requirements in sight, there is new urgency for companies that have a project tabled for later this year to prioritize it sooner. Companies interested in capitalizing on energy saving solutions now may contact:

Mark Himmel
​​Director of Project Development

For more information and interview requests, click the button below.

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