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Plug Smart is your one-stop solution for BAS needs. We will design,

procure, program, install, start-up, commission and service your system.

Turnkey BAS Solutions:

  • BACnet Integrated Access Controls

  • Controls Upgrade/Retrofit Solutions

  • Creative Financing

  • Design-Build Controls Projects

  • Energy Reduction/Shared Savings Controls Projects

  • Multi-Vendor Integrations

  • Plan and Spec Controls Projects

  • Wired and Wireless HVAC and Lighting Controls


Whether you are building new or retrofitting existing facilities, we provide all aspects of turnkey design and construction of energy monitor and control systems, including HVAC, lighting and process control systems.


Controls Upgrade/ Retrofit Solutions

Have an older BAS that is past its prime? We build all of our solutions around a Browser-Based User Interface (BUI) that frees the user from loading special software on their PC to view their systems. Our mobile app also allows you to access your BAS information from your devices.


Creative Financing

Our financial analysis will help you determine the right funding strategy. Projects are often able pay for themselves with energy savings. This can make projects happen when there are capital budget constraints. You will have peace of mind knowing that Plug Smart has never defaulted on a savings guarantee.


Design-Build Controls Project

From concept to functioning BAS, our skilled team of engineers, project managers and field technicians deliver true full-service automation and energy projects.


Plan and Spec Controls Project

Our construction team has years of construction experience. We know how to plan and deliver in a construction team environment. With an impeccable safety record, you can count on us to deliver your BAS on-time and on-budget.


Wired and Wireless HVAC and Lighting Controls

We have BACnet integrated lighting control and access control solutions that allow for access-initiated HVAC and lighting occupancy control. Both wired and wireless solutions are available for the most demanding installations.

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