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Plug Smart can service and maintain new or legacy security and

access control systems to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently.

Security and Access Control Services:

  • Intelligent Keyword & Facial Detection Using Social Media & Law Enforcement

  • Maintenance & Service Agreements for New or Existing Systems

  • Security Consulting & Assessment

  • Service, Repair and Support

Intelligent Keyword and Facial Detection Using Social Media and Law Enforcement

Plug Smart offers a unique and intelligent solution for security video that harnesses the power of social media. This system identifies criminals and alerts law enforcement along with neighboring businesses through daily crime mapping and secured information exchange portals. This system takes crime fighting and security to an unprecedented level with an advanced facial recognition system capable of alerting businesses of potential criminal behavior before it occurs.


Maintenance and Service Agreements For New or Existing Systems

Systems are only as reliable as the services that keep them running efficiently and effectively. We offer preventative maintenance on all new and most legacy systems. When purchasing technology, preventive maintenance is a small, but necessary investment in the long-term operation and functionality. We are well positioned to be your partner to maintain these systems that are critical to your business.


Security Consulting and Assessment 

If you find yourself with faulty security systems or a facility that always seems to need more from its systems, partnering with us will help you meet those needs. We design security systems from the ground up. The first step is conducting an in-depth assessment of your facility and current systems and your concerns. Once this process is completed, we provide you with options and recommendations to compose the best system for your environment and operations. We use a vendor agnostic system approach to design that we combine with what makes the most sense for your unique operational and budgetary requirements.


Service, Repair and Support

Plug Smart offers onsite repair services to minimize system downtime and maximize productivity, because we know that critical technology and safety communication systems functioning properly is crucial to your business operations. Our team has the in-depth technical knowledge and certifications to provide the best solutions for your systems.

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