Plug Smart

Plug Smart (Juice Technologies, Inc.) specializes in offering our clients with superior intelligent energy solutions related to engineering, designing, developing, and implementing. We work with a variety of K-12, University, Healthcare, Government, and Commercial/Industrial clients. Our overall goal is to reduce our clients’ costs by improving their energy-efficiency that will work to reduce our impact on the world.


“To offer our customers intelligent energy

solutions that will reduce their overall costs.”

At Plug Smart, our mission is to provide our customers with best-in-class service. With our customer-driven focus, our team specializes in offering you energy solutions that will reduce your overall energy costs while improving your building’s efficiency and saving you money.


“To help every client perform necessary building projects by utilizing the resulted energy savings."

Plug Smart is employee-owned and customer-driven. Our team is committed to giving our customers the best service possible by being reliable, respectful, and trustworthy. The transparency that we have with our clients allows them to feel comfortable and confident in the work we are providing.



We believe that we provide unmatched industry services. By having an open-book policy with our clients top of mind, we promise to be transparent every step of the way. The energy upgrades we implement cut your overhead costs, which allows them to pay for themselves, and better the emissions they produce to help our planet and your pocket.



By working with Plug Smart, you can be confident that you are getting complete transparency and integrity from the entire team.



We care for our clients, our employees, the communities we live and work in, and the environment. Our team will go above the call of duty for each other and our clients.


reliable & accountable

By working with Plug Smart, you can be confident that you are getting complete transparency and integrity from the entire team.



To assure we are providing competitive value we ensure our systems, trainings, and project recommendations are advanced and constantly improving.



No matter the size of the project, our team is equally invested in the success and results of each client’s job. We work hard to ensure that each project is met to the highest standards, in a timely manner, and with the best results.