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Our facility support services bring the latest in BAS technology to help your facility operate at its highest potential.

Facility Support Services:

  • Building Analytics

  • Control System Retro-Commissioning

  • Dashboards & Energy Kiosks

  • Integrated Fault Diagnostics

Building Analytics

A typical BAS has hundreds of monitoring and control points, all of which can and should be data logged. We use building analytics to turn gigabytes of system data into actionable results. Plug Smart has partnered with Build Pulse to leverage buildings’ data into actionable reports. This ongoing service pays for itself by reducing energy use.


BAS Retro Commissioning

Our skilled team of engineers will blueprint your BAS to ensure that it is operating as designed and as efficiently as possible. By combining retro-commissioning and building analytics, we create a continuous commissioning program that keeps your BAS running at peak efficiency.


Dashboards and Energy Kiosks

We can help you tell your energy story with an energy dashboard or kiosk. Plug Smart designs user-friendly dashboards that can be display-only or interactive.

Integrated Fault Diagnostics (IFD)

Utilizing Reliable Controls WebView Browser-Based User Interface (BUI), Plug Smart can provide IFDs for the equipment supporting your Key Productivity Initiatives. Easy to read and use, these IFDs alert you to potential problems with critical equipment that supports your facility. Contact us for a demonstration today.

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