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Location: Middletown, Ohio

Type: PACE Financing

The Challenge

The City wanted to improve control over their mechanical systems, update their 30-year-old roof, and add enhanced lighting to improve their parking lot safety. Due to the building’s age and outdated facilities, they were deferring maintenance while they weighed options to renovate and retrofit existing legacy facilities or to invest in a newly constructed replacement.

The Client

The Robert “Sonny” Hill Community Center (RSHCC) provides the City of Middletown with a safe and fun environment to engage in recreational and athletic activities and stay connected with the community at large. Built in 1925, it is a fixture in the community and one of the oldest and most recognizable facilities in the area. 

The Solution

Plug Smart had been working in partnership with the City’s economic development department to help market and develop their Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program when the City saw an opportunity to use PACE on their own facilities. Plug Smart performed an ASHRAE energy audit at the community center to identify the energy and financial savings potential of the City’s improvement plan. Using their own C-PACE program, the City was able to hire Plug Smart to implement numerous upgrades to the facility’s aging systems including exterior/interior LED lighting, HVAC controls, and a new roof. PACE was the ideal tool for upgrading these facilities because it allowed them to make the necessary upgrades with no money out-of-pocket and off-balance sheet.




Annual Utility Savings


Total Annual Savings

19.8 Years

Effective Useful Life

"PACE is a unique financing tool that is very attractive to building owners for retrofit and renovation projects with no required capital outlay.”

—Matt Kussman,

VP of Project Develipment

Plug Smart

Qualify your property's eligibility for PACE Financing opportunities:

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