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Location: Dublin, Ohio

Type: PACE Financing

The Client

The Scioto Corporate Center houses over 57,000 square feet and was built in 1986. This building is multi- tenant, owner occupied.

The Challenge

The client had over 850 inefficient, mostly linear fluorescent lighting fixtures. The boiler plant was inoperable due to a failed pilot valve, and it also had an innate lack of redundancy due to poor design. The controls systems were disparate and didn’t intercommunicate.

The Solution

Plug Smart utilized PACE Financing to preserve the client’s capital. We upgraded all old lighting fixtures with new LED technology, blending replacement fixtures and direct-wired bulb replacements. The single existing boiler was replaced with two fully modulating condensing boilers, and the new controls system is 100% BACnet, allowing diagnostics, email/text alarms and advanced controls strategies. The 3-way valves were replaced by new 2-way valves, actuators, differential pressure sensors, and Variable Frequency Drives allowing the client to vary flow based on load.


PACE Scope


Annual Savings


Effective Useful Life

"By utilizing PACE financing, the client was able to preserve their capital and still make necessary upgrades to their lighting, boiler, and controls systems. These facility upgrades delivered positive cash flow, better comfort, and lower risk for the client and their tenants.”

—Matt Kussman,

VP of Project Development

Plug Smart

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