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Location: Dayton, Ohio

Type: PACE Financing

The Client

Dayton’s tallest building, Kettering Tower, is the home of Dayton’s first PACE project. The high-rise office building was built in 1970, stands 30 floors tall, and has over 500,000 square feet. 

The Solution

Plug Smart identified a PACE-compliant energy conservation package that helped the Kettering Tower owners save on energy costs. We also helped solicit and facilitate project financing through the local PACE program. The project scope included:

  • New building automation system

  • Cooling tower upgrades


  • High efficiency LED lighting


  • Air handling variable frequency drive upgrades and occupancy control


  • Domestic hot water motors and variable frequency drives

The Challenge

Since a PACE project had never been done in Dayton, a lot of program development was required to facilitate the project’s financing. Kettering Tower was a great fit to be the program’s pioneer since the building needed infrastructure improvements as well as improvements in its ability to manage energy on its major systems.




Total Annual Savings


Payback Period



"We were very happy when we heard Plug Smart was working with the Kettering Tower, because it was the first building we thought of when we began working on the PACE mechanism. The city and port are looking forward to seeing more building owners take advantage of the PACE Program as part of the downtown renovation efforts in the months ahead.”

—Jerry Brunswick,

Dayton Montgomery County Port Authority


Qualify your property's eligibility for PACE Financing opportunities:

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