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Location: Columbus, Ohio

The Client

The historic downtown building, the Hayden, is the oldest building in Capitol Square. The two-building complex houses over 100,000 square feet and features unique architectural features. Michael Tomko, President of The Tomko Company, bought the building to preserve and revitalize a piece of Columbus history.

The Challenge

The building was completed in 1869 and had been vacant for ten years before being purchased by Tomko. Tomko wanted to remove build-outs from the 1970s and ‘80s that covered up historic features, while at the  same time providing the building with high quality finishes and modern commercial amenities.

The Solution

In order to maximize PACE eligible financing, Plug Smart worked with the owners and project partners to identify scope and efficiencies of all energy-related building systems. PACE financing ultimately accounted for nearly 20% of project budget,
rounding out the capital stack and delivering better equipment and finishes across the entire project.

Project scope included:

  • Designed and installed completely new HVAC system for both buildings

  • Upgraded all lighting with LED

  • Installed elevator improvements


Total Construction Cost


PACE Scope


Effective Useful Life

"This was a remarkable opportunity to reinvest in a kind of building that we can't really build today. To be able to bring PACE into a project like this, to revitalize a building that has been vacant for so long, [was] a phenomenal opportunity.”

—Michael Tomko,

The Tomko Company


Qualify your property's eligibility for PACE Financing opportunities:

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