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Middletown's Carnegie Library Renovations

A year after initiating the PACE program with the City of Middletown and Plug Smart has a potential opportunity with the beautiful Carnegie Library!

We anticipate to partner up with Architectural Renewal who specializes in historic preservation work in order to renovate the historical building. The property dates back to 1913 and has been vacant for many years but with this project will be vibrant and efficient! Dan Mayzum, principal on the project chose Plug Smart to partner with because of their extensive PACE experience in Ohio. Mayzum applied to have the old library added to the National Register of Historic Places therefore would be entitled for grants and historic preservation funding.

Project specifics are still being developed, but Middletown Economic Development Director Jennifer Ekey is hopeful this will bring new life to its surrounding areas around Middletown.

Read more about the plan here!

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