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It starts with a conversation


Most companies and organizations do not have the resources or time to ensure energy performance is being optimized throughout all their facilities. This is why Plug Smart functions as a multi-faceted energy management resource for many of its clients. Plug Smart’s skilled team of engineers, project managers, and field technicians can help you navigate through a variety of complex energy problems, as well as make recommendations for ways to conserve energy and reduce operation costs.


As an energy consultant, Plug Smart has helped various organizations realize cost reductions of up to 45% per year. That level of insight, understanding and problem solving is almost impossible to have in-house, nor is it typical for traditional engineering projects. Additionally, our knowledge of utility, grant and energy efficiency funding programs helps clients maximize available financing.


Projects begin with a simple discussion and discovery meeting, followed by on-site assessments and energy audits. Before any work begins, Plug Smart will provide unparalleled visibility into energy consumption patterns and opportunities for cost reduction. This objective, unbiased and realistic presentation of facts is a result of years of real world experience implementing high-quality energy projects.


Some of the consulting services Plug Smart delivers to clients include:

  • Energy Audits & Assessments
  • Owners Representation Services
  • Measurement & Verification Services
  • Green Energy & Energy Efficiency Training
  • Engineering Services