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You can rely on our comprehensive and modern security and safety systems to protect not only your property, but the people who live or work in your buildings.


Security and Safety Solutions


  • Access Control

  • Asset and Staff Tracking

  • CCTV

  • Facial Recognition with Active Database Reporting

  • Integrated Security Solutions

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Mass Notification

  • Panic Systems

  • Perimeter Security Systems

  • Security Services

  • Sound Masking Systems

  • Video Surveillance



When it is important to your business to identify and control access for your employees and visitors, an access control system from Plug Smart is the solution you need. Whether it’s designing and installing a one-door access control system or managing an integrated enterprise-level solution, our security team will recommend the most applicable, comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your business.



A school with an open lunch provides a serious problem to staff. A facial recognition system from Plug Smart will utilize a customer photo database to allow a report to be generated during a security event. This allows a method of verifying which students are in the building and those that are not.



Plug Smart can provide systems that are truly integrated for your facility. Whether it’s card access and CCTV or card access, CCTV and intrusion, Plug Smart offers integration that allows a single software platform to access all of them.



An intrusion system gives you the peace of mind that your facility is protected. These sophisticated systems often include multiple devices such as access control and motion detectors that can even integrate with other systems such as video surveillance and monitoring.  Plug Smart will partner with you from concept and design to installation and service.



Severe weather and recent events such as riots, terrorist attacks, and armed intruders have made it necessary for facilities to implement technology that provides continual information and direction to all occupants. These specialized systems must be customized for your facility when communication is vital during an emergency event. Plug Smart offers a solution to meet your needs.



If you have an environment where staff interacts with potential irate or confrontational clients, a panic system will provide the security you need. Plug Smart offers wired or wireless panic button systems that allow security to respond quickly to any incident.



Whether it’s a correctional facility, inventory area, or football field, Plug Smart provides a system that can monitor for cutting, lifting, or climbing of the perimeter fence. Alarms can be routed to cameras and lighting for capture or deterrence.



Speech privacy continues to be a significant factor in improving office productivity. Distractions caused by co-workers within an open office environment present a challenge for many companies and organizations. Whether your concern is increasing privacy or decreasing distractions, Plug Smart offers a solution.


Video Surveillance is no longer just used to review video of an incident after it has occurred. These highly evolved and sophisticated solutions offer analytics that can detect and warn you of behaviors that could lead to an event. Plug Smart specializes in designing, installing and servicing video surveillance solutions for virtually any type of facility, large or small. Utilizing the latest technology provided by our manufacturers, our specialists work together with clients to guarantee a custom-made solution sure to fit both the strictest budget and performance requirements.