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PACE is a great way to improve building facilities for both owners and tenants while immediately improving net operating income.


PACE Services


  • PACE Technical Assessments
  • PACE Program Management
  • PACE Design-Build Services
  • PACE Measurement and Verification
  • PACE Program Administration Services


We specialize in developing and implementing PACE projects from start to finish. New construction, retrofits, gut rehabs can all be financed through PACE. For municipalities,  we also employ program administration specialists who help you set up your energy special improvement district (ESID), review and manage PACE project applications for your ESID.

PACE Assessment

Our energy engineers perform on-site assessments and compile PACE compliant technical reports to qualify measures and quantify savings for your facilities.

Program Administration

Our PACE program managers compile and distribute project-specific PACE Investment Books to negotiate and secure competitive financing for your PACE project.

Design-Build Services

Our project managers and field technicians execute your PACE project throughout all project phases including schematic design, design development, competitive bidding and procurement, construction and post construction.

M&V Services

(Measurement and Verification)
Per your PACE ESID requirements, our energy engineers establish, compile, and issue consumption baselines and annual reports summarizing savings for your written acceptance.

Program Management

(for municipalities)

Our PACE program managers and legal associates oversee your ESID setup and management operations and your project application review and compliance certification process.

Benefits of PACE


  • 100% Financed: No out of pocket expenses

  • Long-term, Fully Amortized: Most projects between 15 and 30 years

  • Non-recourse: Tied to the real estate, not the business

  • Off Balance Sheet: Treated as an operational expense

  • Fixed Rate: Interest rates range between 5.5-6.5%

  • Transfer: Non-accelerating that transfers on ownership change

  • Goals Aligned: Solves the split incentive problem with assessment pass-through

  • Self Funded: Only loser in program are utility programs




  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Retail/Hospitality
  • Senior Living/Healthcare Facilities
  • Religious Facilities
  • Multi-Family Housing