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Higher Education meets Higher Efficiency


University Services

  • Comprehensive energy audits

  • Energy conservation measures

  • Clean and renewable energy installations

  • Design-build construction

  • Energy management controls

  • Performance contracting

  • Utility rate management


Many higher education campuses are comprised of aging buildings that are creating uncomfortable learning and administrative environments. The outdated HVAC systems are running up the bills and becoming a deferred maintenance nightmare. Universities want to be “green,” but can’t always afford to go into the “red.”


If your institution has recently taken on new sustainability goals to address these problems, but aren’t sure where to start, we are here to help. Our experienced team has collectively implemented over $250 million in higher education energy and facility improvement projects.


We have been consistently able to offer a variety of self-funding and flexible financing solutions that have allowed our university clients to accomplish all of their facility upgrades well within budget constraints. By aligning our goals for quality, sustainable projects, wecan help modernize facilities to attract new students and reduce utility, operation and maintenance costs at the same time. We can also provide an integrated building automation system that monitors and controls the daily operation of each campus building, giving you peace of mind and benchmarks for success.


Detailed campus energy audits provide unprecedented visibility into various opportunities to reduce operating costs across all campus facilities before the project even starts – allowing you to prioritize and select the targets for improvement based on your goals.

For new construction or major renovation projects, we provide sustainable design and LEED® consulting services to improve school design, create a healthy, energy-efficient environment and reduce waste.