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See what a flexible, right-sized, vendor-neutral approach to energy projects can look like


Government Services

  • Water treatment

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Energy efficiency solutions

  • Re-commissioning & tuning of existing systems

  • Smart buildings and integrated security systems

  • Building envelope solutions


Aging infrastructure, deferred maintenance and less efficient systems increase facility maintenance and energy costs across many government buildings. facility and financial managers often have poor visibility into their energy consumption and potential. And even as energy costs are rising by 3-5 percent per year despite cheaper fuel costs for utility companies, municipalities are already spending one third of their energy bills on wastewater plants and drinking water systems.


What can be done to reign in this risk and fund necessary improvements?


We’ve worked with federal, state, county and city governments to reduce facility operating overhead costs. By taking advantage of energy rebates and state legislated programs in Ohio such as HB264 and HB295, we’ve delivered projects with minimal capital budget funding – often none at all.  


Our customer-focused solutions allow our clients to use trusted vendors, and our objective approach reduces high overhead costs incurred by some larger companies. While traditional contracting methods result in low-bid scenarios and undesirable equipment choices, our design-build process has been proven to successfully eliminate change orders while increasing the client’s ability to shape and influence the design.