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A building is only as smart as it is integrated. Our highly trained technicians can help link your building systems so that you’re facilities are running in the most cost-effective, efficient and smart way possible.


Integrations Services


  • BACnet and MODBUS Solutions

  • Front End Upgrades

  • Legacy Proprietary System Upgrades

  • Multi-BAS Integration/Migration to Single Front End

  • Third-Party Integrations (Boilers, Chillers, AHUs w/Factory Controls)


Need to integrate to an outdated, legacy metering and/or control system?  Not a problem with our integration tools, software, hardware, and expertise to interface with even the most proprietary systems on the market.  In many cases, maintenance savings alone can allow you to cut ties to the legacy vendor’s expensive and mandatory service contracts, will pay for our BAS integration services.


Plug Smart brings a unique approach to the integration of multiple systems. We make every effort to bring all systems up to a common BACnet platform. We truly believe this is the best long term solution for the customer, leading to vendor independence and lower long term cost of ownership.


But sometimes BACnet is just not an option. What then? Most integrators have one took in their took kit - Tridium. While extremely powerful, Tridum is not the only and sometimes not the best solution. When a Tridium solution is appropriate, Plug Smart is a certified Vykon system integrator with access to all Niagra platform tools.


Plug Smart also represents other integration platforms such as Computrols. This extremely robust solution provides true integration to Johnson N2, Control Systems International I/Net, Trane Tracer and many other difficult to integrate legacy protocols.

There are other gateway solutions that provide even more options. But what really makes the difference is our people. We have technicians and engineers that have experience with over a dozen different BAS systems. Chances are we have worked on the system that you have.