About Us

Juice Technologies LLC doing business as Plug Smart is an energy services and technology company that helps commercial, industrial, non-profit, institutional, and utility companies implement a broad range of energy solutions on both sides of the utility meter. Our core capabilities include helping clients implement self-funding energy efficiency projects, leverage renewable energy resources, lower power generation and energy supply costs, and reclaim investments in energy efficiency projects.

What separates Plug Smart from the rest of the field is our experience. Our teams have logged countless hours in the energy services industry, having successfully completed thousands of energy projects worldwide. Our energy management consultants are subject matter experts who can provide practical, real-world advice on how to implement energy conservation measures that will result in low risk, self -funding projects that will generate positive cash flow, inclusive of program management, implementation, and financing costs.

In today’s economic environment, it is more important than ever to implement energy conservation measures that can
lower your overall energy costs in ways that will dramatically improve your company’s financial bottom lines. Examples of where Plug Smart can help include:

  • Energy Supply – Electricity & Natural Gas, Reverse Auctions, Demand Response Projects, Procurement Services, Risk Management, Market Planning, Energy Analysis, Reporting & Monitoring Services
  • Energy Demand – Energy Management Systems, Lighting & HVAC Projects, Control Systems, Process Automation & Efficiency, High Efficiency Motors, Variable Frequency Drives, On-Site Generation
  • Renewables – Photovoltaics & Wind, Geothermal, Feasibility Studies, Financial Modeling, Site Planning & Logistics, Development Services, Systems Integration, Educational Kiosks, Renewable Energy Incentive
  • Energy Rebates – Utility Bill Auditing Services, Rate Plan Verification Analysis, Stimulus Money Research, Rebate Incentive Administration, Federal & State Tax Credits, Invoice Management, Energy Star Reporting
  • Technology – Smart Grid DOE Projects, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Electric Vehicle Networking & Communications, Home Area Networking, Community Energy Storage, Smart Transformers